Go Green

Go Green Lunchset Jurassic Party BLUE Box

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  • Go Green Lunchbox Set
  • Go Green Lunchbox Set
  • Go Green Lunchset Fast Flames Blue Box Go Green lunchbox
  • Go Green Lunchset Fast Flames Blue Box Go Green lunchbox
  • Go Green Lunchset Fast Flames Blue Box Go Green lunchbox
  • Go Green Lunchset Fast Flames Blue Box Go Green lunchbox

Go Green

Go Green Lunchset Jurassic Party BLUE Box

or 6 weekly interest-free payments of $12.82 Laybuy What's this?
or 4 fortnightly interest-free payments of $19.23 Zip What's this?
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Kids Lunchbox Set.


The Go Green Lunch set includes: Insulated Lunch Bag, Leakproof Lunchbox, Stainless Steel Water Bottle and Gel Icepack

Durable nylon lunch bag for easy cleaning and years of enjoyment.  Insulated design to keep food cool, with mesh pocket for eating utensils, napkins in the upper panel.  Clever whiteboard to write a little note to inspire.  Spacious 13” x 9” x 3” (approx. 33x22x7cm) dimensions for your lunch or our patented food box.

Our food-grade plastic bento lunch box with its inspired design, for presentation and portion control.  Our Turn 'n Lock design, combined with silicone O-rings, results in a leakproof lunch box.

BPA-free, 304-grade stainless steel water bottle to fill with 8oz (235ml) of your favourite beverage. 

Non-toxic, FDA-approved reusable gel freezer pack will keep food cool.


The lunch box base is top shelf dishwasher safe (on normal heat settings not high), the lid is recommended to be hand washed so the heat from the dishwasher doesn't damage the rubber hinges. If the lid is washed in the dishwasher the expected life is up to 12 months only.

The lunch bag is recommended to be wiped out with a damp cloth and soapy water or disinfectant liquid. It is not recommended to wash in the washing machine or dishwasher. Do not submerge the bag in water or it can cause the whiteboard to rust over time.

BPA, Lead, Leach and Phthalate Free

Please note: Bento lunch boxes which are ‘leakproof’ are only leakproof for thicker yogurts, custard, purees and dips.  No leakproof lunchbox on the market is water tight or suited to runny or watery liquids.  If you wish to pack runny liquids, we suggest a reusable pouch or a condiments container. 


Q: May I put the food container in the microwave?
A: Though it is microwave-safe, it is never recommended to place any plastic products in the microwave.

Q: May I put yogurt, apple sauce, salad dressing, or pudding-like food products in the compartments?
A: Yes. Our revolutionary “turn ‘n lock” technology ensures that your child’s lunch stays fresh and within its compartment.

Q: What type of pen do I use to write messages on the white board?
A: Only use a pen designated for a “dry-erase board.” Many brands of different colours and sizes are available at most office supply stores.

Q: How do I clean the fabric carrier?
A: The carrying bag is ONLY intended to carry the lunch box/food contained WITHIN the food box, and also, is not intended to be submerged/washed under running water. Please wipe clean with light, damp cloth. Please do not place the carrying bag in a washing machine or dishwasher.

Q: How do I clean the food container and water bottle?
A1: The food container’s retention clips are easily unfastened, so the lid and box can be separated and washed with warm soapy water.
A2: Due to the inconsistent heat temperatures of many dishwashers, we do not recommended putting the lid in the dishwasher. The base is top shelf dishwasher safe on standard setting only.
A3: For best results, and due to their light weight, we recommend the lid’s five silicone bands be removed daily and hand-washed.

Q: How do I put the silicone bands back in the food box lid?
A: The circumference of the silicone bands are purposely slightly larger than the channels into which they fit, because there has to be enough flex in the bands such that when the lid is closed/tabs locked, the downward pressure causes the bands to “bulge” outwards to create the leakproof seal around each compartment. If the bands fit just right/snug, then “leakproof” is not guaranteed (because there is no “bulging of the bands” to form the proper seal). Therefore, it is important that, after removing/washing the bands, they have to be “completely tucked back into” their respective channels.

Q: How should I store my lunch box set?
A: The fabric bag and food container should be stored separately and in “open” positions, to ensure proper ventilation.

Q: Do I need new bands? Seems like they are stretched because I put them in the wrong lid channels?
A: First, please understand that silicone’s “elastic” property is different from that of rubber (such as a rubber band) – though it stretches, it doesn’t stay “stretched” permanently [if left alone, it goes back to its original shape (placing silicone in hot water definitely will speed up the process)]. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews

Purchased for my Nephew and he LOVED it! Great having a personalised cover. Only side comment would be the size of the drink bottle. Too small for school age.

Juliana Walters
Absolutely love the go green range!

Perfect size for my 7 and 4 year old. The functionality is amazing, easy to open and close for little hands. Very impressed with the prompt delivery.

Brothers Franken c/- Walkers
Repeat Offender

Have just replaced my eldest sons lunchbox. His Brilliant Large Go Green has lasted him over four years. So about $10 a year, for a litter free, leak free lunchbox. This is also what I organise for friends kids birthdays, recently 5 of us, pooled our money, for the lunchbox in the cooler bag, with the drinkbottle and cooler sachet. That was less than $20 each, and we knew the whanau would love the present! Yay, no budget toy for birthday, that breaks in 20minutes. Go on, buy one. You won't regret it!!!

Go green lunchbox

Brilliant lunch box. I love everything about it, the size, depth and individual sealing compartments. I find it great for my toddler right up to my husband!

Alana McCool
Go green medium lunchbox

Perfect size and colour, my 3 year old loves it!