The Benefits of Using a Bento Box

The Benefits of Using a Bento Box

Preparing lunch is a mammoth task in itself, so make it easier on yourself by using a Bento box. The Bento box craze has happened for a reason. They are handy and good for the environment. However, these are not their only benefits. Check out why we think Bento Lunchboxes are so great.

What is a Bento Box?

Firstly, lets cover off what a Bento Lunchbox actually is. Becoming wildly popular in the last couple of years, a Bento box is a handy solution to the standard rectangular lunchbox. The secure lid opens to reveal a compartment style interior where different foods can be placed in different sections of the box.

The Bento box is certainly not a new invention, it’s origins date back to 12th century Japan. The Japanese would prepare a ‘bento’ (a packed lunch) to take with them to work. The more modern Japanese bento box is made from lacquered wood and known for it’s variety and presentation. The aim is to get as much colour and beauty into the presentation and to have a variety of nutritious foods to choose from. Our Bento lunchboxes have taken this lead in the last few years.

Benefits of Using a Bento Box

Good For the Environment 

The compartments within the Bento lunchbox allow different foods to be placed in without touching each other. This removes the need for plastic wraps or bags to separate foods. Save the environment one lunchbox at a time by reducing the amount of plastic waste going into our landfills.

Encourage Kids to Try a Variety of Foods

With so many handy sections, you can put a wide selection of foods into the lunchbox. The lid closes securely so you can easily include a variety of cut up fruit and vegetables without worry of the juices making sandwiches soggy. When the child opens the bento box, they can see all of the food right in front of them. We find this encourages them to eat more of their lunch as they don’t have to worry about opening extra containers.

Lunch can be more fun with awesome bento accessories. Make sandwiches more exciting with these super cute animal shape cutters , or add some fun food picks to decorate vegies and fruit pieces. Food forks also make it easier for little hands to pick up slippery foods. 

Easy Care and Easy Wash 

Bento lunchboxes are so easy to wipe out. Most can go in the top rack of the dishwasher also. With no little nooks and crannies to clean, it is easy to keep them hygienic. The built-in compartments mean you don’t have to keep track of lots of little containers that are forever getting broken or lost.

For a great bento lunchbox that can go in the dishwasher every day check out our Goodbyn range

Snack on the Go 

Because there are several small compartments in each box, it is easy to grab a small snack on the go. You don’t have to sit down for a full lunch meal. Keep hungry little tummies full with a wide variety of regular snacks.

Liquid Safe Compartments 

Many Bento boxes will come with at least one liquid safe compartment or container. It seals off from the rest of the compartments without the fear of spills. Use it for yogurt or fruit with juice. It also gives you the option of including a dipping sauce, opening up a whole new array of lunchbox food options. If your kids like to dip, then try the Yumbox range or Little Lunchbox Co range which have multiple liquid-safe compartments

Top tip for bento boxes: Keep your children’s lunch cool and fresh by freezing yoghurt, fruit or jelly into one compartments the night before. Come lunchtime, it will be defrosted and ready to enjoy!

Join the Bento box revolution and get your kids eating healthier this year. Also, cut down on the time it takes to pack lunch without the need to wrap everything individually. We love Bento boxes and we know you will too!