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Kale Chips

Making Kale Chips

I spent a long time researching Kale Chip recipes — while they were all pretty straight forward, there were differences.  Some called for salt & pepper only . . . others called for paprika . . . and one recipe called for a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil to be sprinkled over the kale.
Too.  Many.  Options.  Could.  Not.  Decide.
In the end, I decided to take things from several of the recipes and do my own thing.

The result ONLY THE BEST FREAKIN’ SNACK EVER!!!!!  (seriously)
Here is how I created this crispy green goodness.

Step One: Wash your Kale
(I used about half of the kale bunch I purchased from the supermarket)
Step Two: Dry the Kale
(since I don’t have one of those salad spinners, I dried the leaves with paper towels)
Step Three: Tear the leaves into smaller pieces, place them in a bowl, and pour 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil over the leaves.  Use your hands to spread the oil over the leaves.

Step Four: Spread the oiled kale in a single layer on a flat pan, covered with tinfoil.  If you have a bunch of kale like yours truly, you’ll need two flat pans.  Sprinkle your seasoning mixture onto the leaves; use as much or as little of the spices as you want.
(I used a salt, pepper, garlic mixture — .5tsp black pepper, .5 tsp of garlic powder, and .5 tsp of salt)
Step Five: Bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees — watch carefully; the chips should still be green.  Apparently, if they get brown, the kale turns bitter.
Step Six: ENJOY!