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Like us on Facebook and we’ll donate 20 cents to KidsCan NZ!

Like us on Facebook and we’ll donate 

20 cents to KidsCan NZ!
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Thanks to suggestions from our facebook followers, we’re supporting a national children’s initiative so help us spread the word and you’ll be helping to sponsor hungry children in New Zealand. 

For years, local celebrities have been popping up on our TV screens in their safari gear, with heartfelt stories about a poverty-stricken child in need of sponsorship.  Usually, a child in some poor, badly governed, Third World country. But, the reality is that we too have a problem that is much closer to home! 

The stats are scary.  The number of New Zealand children going hungry has not been measured directly since 2002, when a Ministry of Health survey found that 83,000 children, or 17 per cent of those aged 5 to 14, sometimes or often went to school without breakfast.  And many feel that without a doubt it's got worse this year with more than 40,000 New Zealand children turning up to school hungry every day!

As a nutritionist I have seen first hand the benefits of a nutritiously, balanced meal for growing bodies and minds.  In saying that, I have also seen the effects that a lack of access to nutritious food can have.  You don't have to look very far to find a vast amount of research that shows the benefits of eating a balanced, nutritious breakfast everyday on school attendance, grades and concentration levels throughout the day. 

The KidsCan Charitable Trust has re-launched their ‘In Our Own Backyard’, child sponsorship programme. The "In Our Own Backyard" club provides disadvantaged children the basics many people take for granted. 100% of donations will provide essentials such as nutritious food at school (something I am obviously particularly passionate about) as well as raincoats, shoes and socks. This means children won't have to fill their empty tummies with water from the drinking fountain and can arrive at school warm and dry.  

For just $15 a month New Zealanders can now sponsor local children, removing the physical barriers preventing them from getting the most out of their education.

Here’s your chance to help; simply spread the word amongst your friends and family and, for the month of August, we’ll donate 20 cents to KidsCan for every new liker on our Yum Yum Kids Facebook page!

We’re doing our bit for our New Zealand Kids, plus you can have all our nutritional tips plus updates on the latest and greatest products for feeding your kids delivered straight to your Facebook news feed. We also encourage you to go the KidsCan website to read about the charity and some personal stories from the kids that they support.

Simply go to the Yum Yum Kids Facebook page any time between 1 August and 31 August 2011 and like us if you haven’t already. Be sure to click the ‘Share this’ button below to spread the word! Even Twitter enthusiasts can get in the act by tweeting for a good cause. If we can get 900 new Facebook followers by 31 August, we will be able to sponsor one child for an entire year, 1800 new followers and we can sponsor two children.  Who knows where this could lead, so get on board and show your support!