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Indoor Kids Activities For Queen’s Birthday

Queen’s Birthday weekend is fast approaching, and as our official start-of-winter-long-weekend it is bound to rain at some point. But don’t worry, we have been scouring the web for the coolest indoor kids activities to keep your little ones amused.

Masking Tape Fun

Grab a roll of masking tape and try these ideas on the floor…

Racetracks: make roads on your carpet with masking tape, even create parking spaces and roundabouts. Then let them go crazy with the toy cars.

Indoor hopscotch: tape out a traditional hopscotch court, find a suitable marker and the kids will be entertained, and active!

Balance Beam: this one is possibly the simplest. Put a straight line of masking tape on the floor and get them to balance on it in different ways – walking backwards, hopping, frog jumping…

Indoor Bowling

Save up your water bottles for a few weeks, and then use them as bowling pins. Line up 6-10 bottles at the end of your hallway, and use an indoor ball to try and knock them down. You can even keep score and make bowling trophies if you want to.


Printable Activity Dice from Twitchetts 

These super fun printable activity dice will provide hours of entertainment and laughs. With instructions to behave like the animals, there is imagination and fun. Grab your free printable version from Twitchetts here 

Paper Plate Ringtoss

This is a great option because it is a craft project, and an activity all in one! All you will need is some paper plates, some paint, scissors, and a cardboard tube.

Fix the cardboard tube to the centre of an overturned paper plate. Cut the centre circle out of 4-6 paper plates, then have your kids paint the ring that remains. Once the paint is dry, you have a ringtoss game! Get the kids to try and throw their paper plate rings and land them around the cardboard tube.

String Obstacle Course

Have the kids embrace their inner contortionist while they work their way through a maze of strings. Make simple structures for young children, or more intricate webs for older kids.

ABC Treasure Hunt

Go on a hunt around the house for things that start with the letter A, then things that start with the letter B, and so on.

Lego Building Challenges

Challenge your kids to build certain things with Lego. You can start simple with houses and rockets, then challenge their skills and imagination with suggestions like amusement park rides, or zoo animals.

Paper Plate Skating

Fashion your own skates out of paper plates and then ‘skate’ around the house on them. You could even make up an obstacle course to tackle with your skates on.

Act Out a Story

Choose a favourite story and then act it out. Costumes and props are encouraged!

The Old Faithfuls

Some activities never get old, no matter how many times you do them. So, for nostalgia’s sake here is a reminder of the indoor activities we used to do when we were kids…

· Build a blanket fort

· Colouring In or Dot to Dots (check Pinterest for heaps of printable versions)

· Read stories by yourself, or read aloud

· Baking

· Hide and Seek

· Snuggle up for a family movie

· Look at family photo albums

· Board Games or Puzzles

· Arts and Crafts

· Day Spa: think mani/pedis, facials, foot massages… the works!

· Knitting or Sewing

· Pen and Paper Games: Hangman, Noughts and Crosses, or Battleships

· Musical Freeze

· Make pet rocks

· Playdoh and Cookies Cutters

· Mirror images: face each other and then copy the facial expressions of the other person

· Paper aeroplane challenges

· Indoor picnic

· Pretend the floor is lava


DIY Rainy Day Activity Sticks

These activities are not only fun on Queen’s Birthday weekend, they are fun on any rainy day. Make a collection of sticks with the above activities written on them (and any of your other favourite indoor fun), then place them in a cup or jar. Any time the kids complain they are bored, get them to pull a stick from the jar for a surprise fun activity.