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Yum Yum Kids 5 top suggestions on how to have a healthy Easter without missing out on the fun!

Happy_Easter.jpgYum Yum Kids 5 top suggestions on how to have a healthy Easter without missing out on any of the fun:

Number 1:
Portion control.  It seems obvious but it is the most simple and easy strategy to take.  There are a wide range of sizes when it comes to choosing your Easter Eggs.  Although the giant sized Easter Bunny's are very cute they pack a huge amount of chocolate!  Children, just like us will find it very hard to open it and eat ONLY the giant sized ears and leave the rest for later.  Choose smaller eggs for your children - this way you are the one in control of how much they eat in one go. 

Number 2:
Ask loved ones to limit the amount of chocolate eggs they give your kids or ask people to not buy chocolate eggs at all.  There is no reason for everyone to buy copious amounts of Easter eggs for one child.  Even with a relatively small family, this would mean 10 – 20 eggs.  Suggest that if people want to get your child anything for Easter, they get them something other than chocolate eggs.  Presents are not in my mind necessary at Easter but some people like to get them…so don’t deprive them of that pleasure.  Just ask them to focus on something other than chocolate. 

Number 3:
Keep the family active.  Make use of any sugar-generated energy and keep the kids moving.  Get the kids out for an Easter egg hunt, round up the family and go for a bike ride or head to the park for a family picnic.  Take some fun activities with you to keep your little ones active and entertained!
Number 4:
Make fun the focus, instead of chocolate.  Easter is a wonderful time to have fun teaching your kids about Easter.  You could get your kids in the kitchen with you and whip up some fun Easter themed cookies or decorate your own Easter Eggs.  
Number 5:
Have a good, healthy breakfast before you start the day.  Not only is this great family time but it will also reduce the amount of chocolate consumed!  Boil up some eggs (maybe even ones that you have just covered with wraps!) and get the family around the table for a wholesome breakfast.  If the kids are full (with good food) before they receive their Easter Eggs they will be less likely to want to stuff their faces full of chocolate.
And last of all just relax!  Understand that if they eat too much chocolate on the day that it is just ONE day.  They won’t be doomed for life!

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