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The History of Goodbyn and Goodbyn FAQs

The History of the Goodbyn Brand and Goodbyn FAQs

 About Goodbyn

Goodbyn strives to make a difference in how people think about preparing food on-the-go — for themselves, for those they care about, and for the planet.

Goodbyn’s mission is purposeful: 

·         Love where your lunch takes you.

·         Design and manufacture products that make healthy eating on-the-go as easy as possible. 

·         Love Mother Nature.

·         Design and manufacture products that will never end up as landfill. 100% recyclability. 

·         Love your zero-waste, magic lunch™. 

·         Design and manufacture products that eliminate the need for one-time-use packaging. 

·         Love your lunchbox.

·         Design and manufacture products that inspire an emotional connection between consumer and product. 

Goodbyn’s History

Goodbyn was founded in 2009 by designers/parents that believe well-designed products should make life more enjoyable and simpler. Frustrated with the amount of waste that was created by packing lunch: everything was going to landfill — the lunchbox, plastic bags, drink boxes, as well as uneaten food. Goodbyn set out to change habits and reduce waste going to landfill.

Since Goodbyn’s first sale in August of 2009, they have sold close to 1 million Goodbyn products domestically and internationally. It is estimated Goodbyn products have kept hundreds of millions of items out of landfill. If is impossible to precisely calculate how much garbage this really represents however it provides their motivation continue reducing the waste.

 Our most FAQs about Goodbyn

Why is the Goodbyn lunchbox made out of plastic? Is it safe?

Goodbyn lunchboxes are made out of plastic to keep your lunch safe, sealed, and unharmed on their journey to school or work. The hard plastic shell ensures that food returning from school or work will come back in one piece! Goodbyn food containers are made from recyclable food-safe plastics: #5 polypropylene (lunchbox and bottle lid) and #2 high-density polyethylene (bottle). They are approved by the FDA, are the most benign of all plastics on the market, and are BPA and phthalate-free. Goodbyn products comply with CPSIA standards (US), EN71 standards (Europe), and also comply with all Australia & New Zealand standards for direct/indirect food contact and child safety. 


Can I wash the Goodbyn lunchbox in the dishwasher? What about the stickers?

Yes. All Goodbyn lunchboxes are top-drawer dishwasher-safe (140°F). The stickers are specially engineered by Goodbyn to also be top-drawer dishwasher-safe. The stickers are made of (#5) polypropylene, and you can use them on any dishwasher-safe containers. 


Can I freeze the Goodbyn lunchbox? How can I keep my Goodbyn lunchbox cold?

Yes, the Goodbyn lunchbox is freezer-safe. We recommend making your lunch the night before and putting it in the fridge overnight to keep it cool on its way to school. You can also utilize a coldpack in the two larger compartments if you like. 

 Can I put soups in my Goodbyn lunchbox? 

No. While the Goodbyn does a good job of transporting left-overs, hummus, dip and thick sauces, we don't recommend sending soups in it, it might seep out. 

 Is the Goodbyn lunchbox microwaveable?

The lunchbox is microwaveable, however we do not recommend heating food in any plastics in the microwave.

 Where does my Goodbyn lunchbox come from?

Goodbyn is an international brand, sold in over 25 countries and made responsibly in China. Goodbyn works with well-established factories that maintain high-safety standards and are working towards sustainable practices. Goodbyn import forecasted amounts for sale in the USA and then ship on demand amounts directly to their distributors in other countries - thereby actually lessening the carbon footprint and costs that exporting from the states would create. 

 What age is the Goodbyn lunchbox intended for?

Goodbyn lunchboxes are great for all ages! Anyone can most certainly carry a Goodbyn! The opening and closing pressures have been developed to be appropriate for ages 5 and up.

 Can I replace the lid/bottom without buying a whole new Goodbyn lunchbox?

Unfortunately, the Goodbyn lunchbox is sold as a complete set. Take advantage and mix and match your favorite colors! 

 What do I do with the Goodbyn lunchbox after I am through with it?

If you wish to part with your Goodbyn lunchbox for any reason, you’ll be happy to hear that your Goodbyn lunchbox is completely recyclable.