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Sustainability and The Enviroschools Programme


Sustainability and The Enviroschools Programme

In recent years there has been a shift in the mentality of New Zealanders when it comes to preserving our beautiful nation for future generations. There is now a real awareness of what could happen if we do not change the way that we do things now. Our landfills are overflowing, our waterways are being polluted, we are too reliant on buying food and we create too much waste. The team at Enviroschools are hoping to change all of this with a programme that targets sustainability in our children.

What is Enviroschools?

Enviroschools is more than just a programme, it is a movement aimed at teaching children and their families to ‘instinctively think and act sustainably’. Beginning in the early childhood sector and stretching all the way to high school, Enviroschools raise awareness of sustainability.

There are over 1000 learning facilities in the Enviroschools programme to date. They are all working towards creating a sustainable New Zealand for themselves and future generations. It is not just the environmental side that the programme supports, but also cultural and community sustainability.

Why Enviroschools?

Enviroschools allows children to explore large environmental issues and gives them a chance to try and solve the challenges with their youthful enthusiasm. Children create and implement new practices in their learning facilities. This begins with things as simple as recycling or composting and extends to the grander scale of planting community vegetable gardens.

Not only are they doing things that are great for our environment, but they are fostering community spirit and drawing on their cultural heritage.

How Can You Get Involved?

If your child’s learning facility is not already part of the programme then check out the Enviroschools website for more information.

Sustainability – What Can I Do?

You do not need to be part of the Enviroschools programme to embrace sustainability. There are some really simple ways that you can live a little bit greener.

Recycle: Make sure that all of your plastics, glass, cans and paper get recycled. Support brands that use recycled packaging also.

Reusable: Plastic wraps and bags fill our rubbish dumps and harm sea life. When you are packing lunch for your children, use reusable products instead. Like these sandwich holders , snack bags and food pouches.

Grow Your Own: A vegetable garden, or mini fruit orchard can be a fantastic family project. Build it together, plant it together and care for it together. Family time and sustainability rolled into one!

Make Your Own: Remove the need (pun intended!) to buy your own packaged bread and biscuits. Get the kids in the kitchen to make your own home-made breads, wraps, cookies and loaves. Not only does it cut down on packaging in your rubbish bin, but you know exactly what is in each recipe.

Enviroschools are building a greener future for New Zealand. Let’s help them on that journey by doing what we can to keep our country beautiful.