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Organic Food For Kids

Are organics better for your child? iStock_organic_1.jpg

Today there is much debate and emphasis in relation organic vs non organic food…and which is better for our children. Organic crops are grown without pesticides, artificial fertilisers and processed without food additives. Organic meat and seafood is produced without antibiotics or growth stimulators/hormones. An organic farming system doesn’t use any type of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms. 

Although there is still conflicting information regarding organic food and children, there is evidence that supports the view that infants and children are more vulnerable to chemicals, toxic substances and pesticide residues in their diet. 

It is thought that the rapid rate of children’s development and the immaturity of their organs may mean their tissues absorb chemicals more readily and they are less able to break them down.  Furthermore, kilo for kilo, children eat, drink and breathe more than adults and they have more years of future life which means there is a greater potential to develop diseases linked to early exposure to toxic substances. 



What we do know about Organic Food

Benefits of organic food and organic gardening

  • Because it doesn’t have preservatives; organic food doesn’t last as long. The benefit with this is you know that when you buy organic – you are buying fresh.
  • To be certified organic, food must comply with strict regulations. So when you buy organic you know exactly what your child is consuming….or more importantly what they are not consuming (i.e no antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or artificial colours). 
  • By growing your own garden and buying seasonal local fruit and vegetables you can reduce your carbon footprint. Everything imported or traveling distances has a negative effect on our environment.
    Help prevent soil erosion – the use of artificial fertilisers has been shown to deplete the soil of its nutrients. Fruit and vegetables grown in organic soil have higher levels of vitamins and minerals.
  • As food ages, the nutritional value is eroded - fresh organic food provides the maximum nutrients.



Putting the above in perspective, our view at Yum Yum Kids is a pragmatic one. We simply think that organic alternatives may be better for your baby/child as early foods are fuelling intense growth and laying building blocks for a healthy body and mind. Whether it’s growing an organic garden with your child or cooking using organic ingredients – we believe it is ultimately a better choice.

In saying that, we fully appreciate that it is not always possible to go organic. Our emphasis is on healthy foods, whole foods, seasonal foods and where possible… we try to choose organic options.

Yum Yum Tips

  • Farmers markets are a great place to find yummy organic, seasonal produce. Most supermarkets now have an organic section and there are more and more organic specialty stores popping up.
  • If you want to include some organic food in your child’s diet – why not go picking with your family. Pick organic fruit or vegetables that are in season – this will be a fun family outing, is a great way to learn about where fruit and veges come from…and ultimately it will reduce the chemical toxins in your child’s diet.  
  • Even better - grow your own organic garden with your kids.  Yum Yum Kids has a fantastic range of gardening tools just for children.  The Seedling Kids gardening set has all you need to get started with a family organic garden. 



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