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Home-made vs Commercial Baby Food

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The key is fresh food - fresh is best!! Fresh food lies at the heart of healthy eating, as it’s unadulterated and packed with vitamins and nutrients. Fresh food is the key to providing good food to your children and family.


If you are making homemade food for your children – choose fresh, whole, organic and seasonal foods. Growing fruit, vegetables and herbs in your own garden is a fantastic way to guarantee a fresh seasonal diet.


If you looking to buy food – choose alternatives that are fresh, free of additives (such as thickeners, salt, sugar) and ultimately organic.
In our opinion, it is best where possible to make your own food using fresh, organic seasonal produce but there is a place for both homemade and commercially produced food.   

The Benefits of Home-made Food


An obvious benefit of homemade food is you make it – so you know exactly what you are feeding your child. Home preparation allows you to control the ingredients so that your baby is fed only wholesome foods without any unnecessary fillers or additives. 



If you provide fresh, homemade food early in your child’s life, it will shape your babies tastes in preferring fresh foods over canned or pre packaged foods. From when you first introduce solids – choose fresh produce. Prepare the fresh food and freeze whatever food you aren’t using in the short-term – this will lock in all the goodness. This way you can be sure the food you are feeding your child is optimally packed with nutrients. 


As your children get older and start eating with the rest of the family, you can continue to make good wholesome food by having the ingredients on hand. Stock the fridge (or garden) with lots of seasonal fresh vegetables, milk, eggs and cheese. Ensure the cupboards and freezer are loaded with staples to supplement healthy home-made meals (for instance pasta, rice; cans of tomatoes, chickpeas, kidney beans; tinned fish, and frozen vegetables, fish and meat). This will mean it’s convenient and easy to cook at home.

The Best Gadget EVER!!


Avent Combined Steamer BlenderAvent_combined_steamer_blender_1_1.jpeg

Steam, flip, blend and serve.

You can easily prepare healthy homemade baby food with the Philips AVENT Combined Steamer and Blender: first steam fruit, vegetables, fish or meat and then simply lift and flip the jar over to blend it, with no transfer of food required!

Nutritious Meals Made Easy:

  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Easy water filling
  • Steam and flip jar over to blend
  • Few parts to clean

The Place for Commercial Food


As parents ourselves, we fully appreciate that with the pace of modern life it’s not always practical to make your own food. Thankfully, convenience doesn’t necessarily have to impact the quality of the food we eat. There is a great selection of good commercial alternatives today. In terms of commercial infant and toddler foods - you can buy a range of organic and unadulterated products.  



Consider however that some commercially available products are designed to last for years past the date of purchase…which is not exactly fresh. The ingredients of some commercial foods have been heated to extremes and then cooled, in order to give them a long shelf life. This process can destroy the flavour and some of the nutrients of the food.



Therefore, the vital thing is to ensure you check that whatever you choose - it is made from fresh produce, is wholesome and free of additives (like preservatives, thickening agents and sugar). 



Remember fresh is best - the healthiest foods for your baby and children are the ones you make yourself– you know what’s in it, can be sure of using the best quality ingredients, its free of additives, its cheaper and homemade just tastes so much better!


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