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7 Spooktacular Healthy Halloween Snacks

Halloween is fast approaching. It’s the time of kids in cute costumes, an excuse to not sweep away the spiderwebs and to party! But it is also a time of candy, sweets and chocolate. While we all enjoy treats in moderation, we don’t exactly want our kids chowing down on candy day in and day out. So we have put together a list of our favorite spooky (and not so spooky) healthy Halloween snacks.

7 Spooktacular Healthy Halloween Snacks

1: Frankenstein Grapes

With a little creativity, everyday healthy snacks can become Halloween themed. Try these Frankenstein Grapes from A Modern Homestead. All you need are grapes in a container that you can draw on with a sharpie. Instant monster snack!

Place your grapes inside a container. Use a permanent marker to draw a frankenstein face onto the container… that’s all!

Photo Credit: A Modern Homestead


2: Jack O Lantern Mandarins or Ghost Bananas

A similar theme to the Frankenstein Grapes, all you need is a permanent marker to turn normal mandarins and bananas into something a little spookier than you would expect.

Grab your mandarin and draw a Jack O Lantern type face on it. Then take your banana and draw a ghost face on it. Voila, Halloween themed fruit in seconds. Take inspiration from A Designer Life Healthy-Halloween-Snacks-Jack-O-Lantern-Madarins


[Photo Credit: A Designer Life]


3: Banana Ghost Pops

You just need four easy peasy ingredients for these yummy snacks - bananas, yoghurt, coconut and chocolate chips.

Peel and freeze your bananas to start with. Once frozen, cut them into thirds and poke them onto a stick. Dip in the yoghurt, then in the coconut (use either desiccated or shredded, depending on how coconutty you like them), poke 2x chocolate chips on for eyes.

For the in depth recipe, you can visit Super Healthy Kids.


[Photo Credit: Super Healthy Kids]


4: Apple Monsters

These are so cute in a scary kind of way! You will need, Granny Smith Apples, Peanut Butter, some nuts, strawberries and homemade googly eyes from Fork & Beans .

Cut your apples into quarters and remove the core. Cut a wedge out of the middle for the mouth. Spread with peanut butter, insert the small chunks of nuts and a slice of strawberry as a tongue. Add your googly eyes and you will have little monsters for your little monsters to eat!

Tip: You can make these allergy free by using sunflower butter and sunflower seeds in place of the nuts.


[Photo Credit: Fork & Beans]


5: Pumpkin Fruit Platter

Make normal fruit into a spooky platter by arranging it to look like a Jack O Lantern. All you need is mandarin segments, blueberries and red grapes.

Take inspiration from this image we found on Pinterest 

Healthy-Halloween-Snacks-Fruit Platter

6: Veggie Bats

This is a cool option as you can get the kids involved in the craft part. Copy Kids have all the instructions.

You will need wooden clothespins painted black, bat wings cut out of black cardboard, a black pipe cleaner, googly eyes and healthy snacks in a small ziplock bag.

Assemble your bat by placing the ziplock bag onto the wings and clipping in place with the clothespin. Add the pipe cleaner and googly eyes for the finishing touch.

Healthy-Halloween-Snacks-Veggie Bats

[Photo Credit: Copy Kids]


7: Spooky Spider Eggs

Use your favourite devilled eggs recipe to create these spidery snacks. Once your eggs are deviled, then you can decorate them with pitted black olives to make spider toppers.

Use this image from Sunset for your inspiration.

Healthy-Halloween-Snacks-Spooky Spider Eggs

Just because it is Halloween, you don’t have to have sugary treats. There are plenty of cool snacks that you can create without all the sweetness.

We would love to see your ideas for Healthy Halloween Snacks.